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Here's what people are saying

Awesome!!! The focus and determination Hayward instills through his teaching is showing itself in all interactions in our son’s life. We can’t thank Hayward enough for his dedication and unfailing patience with the kids. 

The Pollocks

It is with big thanks to Hayward for the inspiration that I found in getting my health back on track. His motivating spirit and fun approach to working out has allowed me to keep my commitment to regular exercise. The results-oriented classes combine full-body routines that build the strength and stamina to enjoy all of life’s pursuits. Proof. I lost 15 pounds in 6 months and now have more energy and confidence than ever before.


Hayward™s kickboxing studio is like no other gym/studio I've ever been to. It mixes the personal touch you can’t find at your average gym with a high-impact workout that is super effective. Results come quickly, with intense cardio plus the resistance training that comes with martial arts workouts. I absolutely love this place.


Hayward. I’ve never maintained attendance at any other exercise class, but your enthusiasm and energy keeps me coming back! In addition to being more limber and feeling better, my posture has improved and I’ve regained about a quarter inch of height. Thanks!


Hayward, we want to thank you for all that your teaching is doing for us. Our concentration, focus, speed, power, and accuracy has increased many fold. We see you as a top level teacher.

Peter & Dorine

I am 32 years old and joined as soon as I had twins. It only took four months of Hayward’s class and I am back to wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes and feeling great!


Motivational, inspirational, well rounded, and one tough love, but most of all a ton of fun! I’m rockin’ and rollin’ now that I joined the Hayward team. The only regret? I should have joined sooner. Hayward Kickboxing Center, “Priceless”.


There is not a more fun, more interactive, and more intense class I’ve ever taken. Hayward makes the class results driven while maintaining an upbeat and very personable experience for all. You will never be just a number in a class, and you also will never leave without feeling like you have accomplished something!


Hayward has the BEST workout anywhere! Challenging AND fantastic full body conditioning! Great music, great time, and great fitness.


This has been a wonderful option for my 16 year old son during his off season. Hayward brings a vibrant and energetic approach to his workouts and emphasizes the positive mental approach to kickboxing as well as the physical techniques.


For someone returning to exercise after several years, Hayward’s class was just the thing I needed to ease back into a routine.

Jeri G

At the center I learned to have confidence in myself. Now I look forward to sparring.


Best workout EVER - I was addicted after the first class.


Hayward, you truly have an amazing gift of teaching and interacting with children! Being able to observe their growth through martial arts has certainly been a tremendous blessing to me. Thank you.